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  • Shah, P.M., Kulkarni, S., Kapoor, R., Babu, S.C., Clauss, R.H., Stahl, W.M.: Selective operative management of arterial injuries and liberal use of diagnostic angiography in extremity trauma. (ABSTRACT) J Of Trauma 22:639, 1982.
  • Shah, P.M., Ito, K., Clauss, R.H., Babu, S.C., Reynolds, B.M., Stahl,W.M.: Expanded micropourous PFTE grafts in contaminated wounds-Experimental and clinical study. J of Trauma 23:1030-33. 1983.
  • Shah, P.M., Macher, R., Babu, S.C., Kulkarni, S., Clauss, R.H.: Pseudoaneurysm of anterior tibial artery after occlusion for blunt trauma-nonoperative management. J of Trauma 25:656, 1985.
  • Abstracts published in the International Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery-Special edition 1984 XVI World Congress of the International Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, Rio de Janeiro , Brazil , September 18-23, 1983.
  • Abdominal vascular injuries, Chicago , 1985. Measurement of Compartment pressure-how, when and why. (ACCEPTED FOR ACS OCTOBER 1984)
  • Emergency resection of aortic aneurysms in patients with severe heart failure – protection of left ventricle by temporary Axillo femoral shunt, Atlanta , October 17-20, 1983 .
  • Unappreciated causes of ischemia in lower extremities, Chicago , October 1982.
  • Clauss, R.H., Babu, S.C., Tung, D.Y., Redisch, W.: Automated physiological profile assessment of effects of altered cardiovascular dynamics on brain blood flow. In Carney, A.L., Anderson , E.M., editors: Advances in neurology – diagnosis and treatment of brain ischemia, Vol. 20 New York, 1981, Raven Press, pp. 201-16.
  • Babu, S.C. , Shah, P.M., Clauss, R.H., DelGuerico, L.R.M.: Prevention and management of cardiopulmonary problems. In Bernhardt V. Towne, J. editors: Complications in vascular surgery, 2 nd ed. Florida , 1985 Grune and Stratton, pp. 275-90.
  • Babu, S.C ., Shah, P.M., Clauss, R.H.: peripheral vascular disease. In Bergman, Editor: Principles of Diabetes Management. New York : Medical Examination publishing company, 1987:320-336.
  • Madden, R.E., Babu, S.C., Shah, P.M., Hemorrhage from Aortoiliac and Visceral Artery Site. Problems in General Surgery 1987; 4:354-362.