Laser Treatment Testimonials

Dr. Goyal's professional treatment of varicose veins was the most important factor in my choice of doctors. His calm, soothing manner relaxed me and let me know that I was in good, capable hands. The procedure was minimally invasive and the staff was extremely caring. They all made me very comfortable and were very thorough with all details. I would recommend him to anyone.‎

My primary-care physician referred me to Dr. Goyal and Vascular Associates of Westchester for the evaluation of varicose veins. After my initial visit, Dr. Goyal explained how my varicose veins were diseased and what options were available for me. The vein closure procedure was recommended for both my right and left legs. He explained how minimally invasive the procedure was and how I could be back at work the following day. He also indicated that the pain and fatigue I was experiencing would be immediately improved. In October, I had the procedure on my left leg and three weeks later, in November, I had the procedure done on my right leg. Here I am in December, feeling relief from the fatigue and pain and very pleased with the results. Dr. Goyal has indicated that I will need follow-up procedures on both legs for the perforator veins in a couple of months. I am confident that his recommendation is correct, and that I will have increased improvement in my legs. Being 39 years of age, it was very important that I addressed these diseased veins now and did not allow them to become increasingly worse. I hope to work with him in the future on the removal of spider veins and other small cosmetic improvements. I highly recommend Dr. Goyal and his colleagues to others. I find him patient, gentle, and always willing to answer my many questions. His office staff in all three locations is helpful and responsive. I had appointments at all three locations based on my work schedule and Dr. Goyal’s availability. All of their locations are electronically connected, and they didn’t miss a beat as I hopped from location to location. 
Michelle K

On November 30, 2009, I had Dr. Arun Goyal’s varicose vein procedure on my right leg. He is a thorough and knowledgeable doctor and the results are excellent. All of the staff members with whom I dealt were kind, sensitive and professional. I will return in February for the work on my left leg and recommend the office and Dr. Goyal to anyone.
Donna R

Dear Dr. Shah,
I want to thank you and your staff for making my experience so pleasant. I could never have imagined how easy and pain-free this venous closure procedure really was. The hardest part was wearing the stocking (and that was a piece of cake). I never thought I would feel as good as I do. My legs are now pain-free, my feet do not swell and I think my legs look beautiful. When I look at pictures of my legs before, and I look at them now, I’m like, ‘Wow. What a difference.’ 
I want to thank you again…I’m so happy I did it. 
Rossanna, L-R

Dear Dr. Shah,
I’m writing to tell you how pleased I was with the closure procedure that you performed on first the left leg and then the right leg last year. I had a varicose vein condition in both legs and as well as being unsightly, it was beginning to cause me a lot of discomfort. The results were all I could have hoped for and more. The procedure was relatively pain-free and the discomfort and pain are gone. For something I was apprehensive about, and put off for longer than I should have, I was more than surprised at how easy the whole procedure was. 
With all the best wishes for the future,
Jim Cullinane
Mount Kisco, NY